Singapore Virtual Phone Number Start With "6", & Comes With SMART Call Forwarding System

Virtual phone number that comes with cloud-based call forwarding software, allows you to stay connected with your business even when you are at home, on the road or overseas...

Premiumz Direct Line Software Features

Simultaneous call forwarding up to 6 numbers

All 6 numbers will be rang at the same time, to ensure you won't miss any important calls. Only one number will be able to answer the call.

Missed call & voicemail notification via SMS or email

In case of any missed call, you will get notification via SMS or email, or simply playback your voicemail (if they left any).

Forward to any mobile, landline, be it local and international DIDs

You can forward to any number, any country, as you like. Especially when you travel, you can get an overseas' local prepaid card and have all the incoming call to be forwarded to, save on expensive auto-roaming charges. The caller will still hear the local SG ringtones, without knowing that you are answering them from overseas.

** low call-forwarding rate apply, click here to see the rate.

Customization of missed call message in multiple languages

You can record your own voice, or use the system narrator to read out your message to your caller, support multiple languages. We even have different accents that you can choose for "English" language.

Office hours customization & call-forward scheduling

You can choose which day, which hour, to which number you want to forward to. You can specify different numbers to be forwarded to, at the different timing and schedules.

Number blocking

Block any numbers, anytime, with instant block activation. If you get any calls spamming attack, just block the numbers, or its country code. Usually the attack is launched using Ukraine or Russian numbers.

Real-time history of incoming calls

You don't have to wait for the monthly statement to see the incoming call's log. You can now see it in real time, up-to-the-minute update into the system.


Fast and easy to set up phone line.


Apps work seamlessly with each other.


Manage all Apps with one login.